Garden Shed

Governor's Island, New York


Sidewalk sheds and vinyl billboards are ubiquitous in New York City. We walk underneath and by these protective sheds as we make our way through our daily routines.  Large advertisements and billboards seem to cover almost every free vertical surface. These infrastructures, for better or for worse, are an integral part of our urban landscape.

Our 2018 City of Dreams proposal, GARDEN SHED, combines and transforms these two urban infrastructures into an open-air gathering space. Our solution provides ample space for large groups to gather, while a small stage integrated into the scaffolding system can support small music ensembles, and/or spoken word productions. At the summer’s completion, the scaffolding is returned to the provider to be used at another site, and one of our design team members who specializes in recycling billboard vinyl will transform the discarded vinyls into bags, wallets, and other accessories used to offset the construction costs.



Remember Me Green  (Billboard Vinyl Specialist)

York Scaffold Equipment Corp.

planB  (Structural Engineering)